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Another lively blog post about upgrading a set of packages to testing.  Last time it was the osg-wn-client, this time it's the OSG-Client.  I will use a jira task to track my time and progress on it.

Again, I looked at tickets by component for the osg-client.  First, there are no bugs, only tasks.  Second, the tasks are major or below (and the major one is a documentation task really).

So, I went to the osg-client koji page, copied the dependencies to a text document, and started the pushing the dependencies to osg-testing.  One by one.  Really, a whole lot of:
koji tag-pkg el5-osg-testing owamp-3.2rc4-1

I found an extraneous package, the osg-voms-compat.  It is no longer needed since we distribute LSC files.  I removed it as a dependency of osg-client, and rebuilt the osg-client.

First iteration... only missed 2 dependencies of dependencies.  web100_userland and I2Util (both from Internet 2).  Second iteration... Success!

We now have osg-client in the testing repo.  Took less than an hour.



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