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So I thought this weekend would be a good time to learn something new.  I put together an OSG Android App.  Not all the features are working yet, but I tend to release early and often on all my projects.

I was motivated by SuperComputing '11 coming up.  My other visualization is incrementally better than last year, so I wanted to bring something new.  Everyone knows the shinier the toys at SC, the better.  Who knows, maybe I can use an tablet and show some cool things to people walking by.

So far, the working features are:
- Automatically updated global usage data on the home screen
- Usage queried from gratia for every site and VO
- Graphing of the usage data (though I want to work on that some)

The features I want to work on more:
- Get the map to show sites across the US.  Whether it shows RSV data (boring) or usage data (slightly better), I'm not sure yet.
- Plot usage data as stacked line graph, consistent with current gratia plots.
- Get a better looking home screen.  It seems too 'black'.

You can get it now on the Android market.  Search for osg.  It claims to support 2.2+.  It works well on my 2.3.3 phone, and works in the 2.2 emulator.  Please go and try it out.

Available in Android Market

Source is on github: https://github.com/djw8605/OSG-Android

DISCLAMER: This app is unofficial.

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