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In the OSG-software team, there has been a lot of discussion when the right time to upgrade packages to testing from the developer playground.  I'm not going to go into the discussion much, other than it should be tracked in Jira.

I'm going to go through my process (as I do it) of upgrading the osg-wn-client from development to testing.

Check Jira for tickets by component.  For the osg-wn-client, I look at: osg-wn-client:
  • Major: SOFTWARE-30: Add LSC files to the vomses.  This bug has a first draft of the documentation done.  It also is not a functional show stopper, rather it only affects the packagers.
  • Minor: SOFTWARE-78: Pegasus RPM cleanup / FHS.  This is a feature request/task really.  Though nice to have, it doesn't change the functionality of the package.
After the bugs have been reviewed, (only 2), and especially since there are no 'blocker' bugs, we start the koji work.  First, I look at the osg-wn-client meta package.  I will upgrade the dependencies before upgrading the metapackage.  For each package in the the dependencies (some are from EPEL, so I don't need to do anything), I will go to the package's koji page, looking for the name of the latest build (or latest tested build).  The koji command is similiar to:
koji tag-pkg el5-osg-testing bestman2-2.1.1-5

It's important to note that these are just the first level dependencies of the osg-wn-client.  I will also need add packages that are dependencies of the dependencies such as the jdk (srm clients).

Once you have tagged all the builds that are dependencies of osg-wn-client, you can upgrade the meta-package.  Then it's time to pull out the VM.  I need to test the install, see if I caught all the packages.  Since we're upgrading so many packages all at once (likely a one time thing), we need to test the install along the way.

Luckily, I have mash running on a local server, so I can just execute mash to pull the latest from the testing repo.  If you want my mash configs, they're on github: https://github.com/djw8605/osg-mash.  I needed to edit the /etc/yum.repos.d/osg-testing.repo file in the VM in order to point to my local mash repo.

I did have missing dependencies: gfal, libglite_data_delegation_api_simple_c.so, libglite_data_util.so.0, libglite-sd-c.so.2, vdt-ca-certs.  Another iteration (after yum clean all)... Missing libglite_data_delegation_api_simple_c.  Another iteration... success!

To find what package provides what library, I just use the web interface, clicking on the RPM's info, to find what the package Provides.  I'm sure there is a clever yum command to do most of this for me, but this didn't take me much time anyways.

So, we now have a osg-wn-client in the osg-testing repo.  Stay tuned next week for the upgrading of the osg-client.  Just need to resolve the blocker ticket for the osg-client.



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