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Hello from the hot, hot, hot Lubbock.

Had a good morning of broad plenary talks.  The indico schedule  gives links to the talks.

In the afternoon, I gave my 2 talks: GlideinWMS Frontend install and Campus Factory install.  We had one person install and get the campus factory up and working (though, only one was trying to install).  We had to add some custom pbs commands for their cluster in the pbs_local_submit_attributes.sh file.

Meanwhile, Jose was installing the glideinwms-vofrontend from RPMs.  He had a conflict with an igtf rpm of certificates.  Was solved by removing the igtf rpm, and allowing OSG to own the certificates.

Here's a picture from Marco's talk.  I'll upload more pictures later.

And from Greg's Talk:

And from my Hands-On:



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