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It's finally here!  The first official testing release of the osg-client in RPM form.  We're asking anyone and everyone to go out there and start testing.  The official instructions are on the OSG Twiki.  We even made a Testing Client page if you want to run through some simple commands.

The instructions are simple, install EPEL, then install the VDT repo:
rpm -Uvh http://vdt.cs.wisc.edu/repos/3.0/el5/development/x86_64//vdt-release-3.0-2.noarch.rpm 

Install the osg-client (expect a lot of dependencies). My latest build downloaded 140MB of dependencies.
yum install --enablerepo=vdt-testing --nogpgcheck osg-client 

Then, go and do your normal workflows.  Create proxies, run globus-job-run's, start condor and run jobs.  Whatever, just test.  If you have any issues, email [email protected]  Or join me on the OSG jabber, [email protected]

All current bugs (I'm happy with how few there are) with the osg-client can be found on Jira.

Go forth and test...



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