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This morning was mostly spent fixing my user registration and getting my CERN account. Breakfast was a slice of keish, fruit, and an orange juice.

Morning Session
I attended a morning session on the new Data access system (combines phedex, dbs, ...). It provides a web user interface and can produce JSON as well. There was a lot of talk about capabilities available on DBS but not on DAS.

For lunch, we walked over to Restaurant 1. I had rice and shrimp. It was very nice outside, weather says 61F, so we sat outside. The conversation centered around changes that could be done to ROOT.

Afternoon Session
The afternoon talks have been focused CMS's grid usage. Talks where on Phedex. But there was also a lot of talk on GlideinWMS as well. Most/All of the CMS Production is moving to GlideinWMS. Working with Igor and Burt to get the frontend and factory installed. People seem to understand GlideinWMS, but not necessarily how it all hooks into CMS Production in the US (through job router, for some reason).

There where talks on Phedex and Crab 3. Crab 3 was depreciating the local submit mode. This brought some attention from others in the room. The local submit will likely be re-considered, especially since it should be so similar to the GlideinWMS method.

Before dinner, I sat down with a few folks from FNAL (and a few from CERN) to talk over changes in ROOT with Brian. Brian had just finished his few changes to compression that decreased file size of RECO by ~25%. But, bigger news, found a Budweiser that was good. But it was from the Czech Republic.

For dinner, Brian and I ate at restaurant 1 across from our hostel. We had a very good discussion about the data flow of the CMS workflow. I learned most of where the data all goes.

Tonight I got some work done, finished up this blog post.



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