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A Slurm site on the OSG was having problems with /tmp filling up occasionally.  Our own clusters have a Slurm Spank plugin that creates a per job tmp directory.  This per job directory is useful for grid jobs which may be preempted without time to clean up after themselves.  The motivation for this plugin came from HTCondor, where each job has it's own job directory.

In order to share this plugin, I started a few Github repos (slurm-tmpdir and slurm-plugins-lua) for the plugin and dependencies.  Next, I used Fedora's Copr build system to build a repo that I could share with others, the Slurm-Plugins repo.
Copr Slurm-Plugins Project

I'm sure that I don't have an exhaustive list of plugins in my repo.  Actually, I only have one.  But I can always add more by simply adding a Github repo.

Copr was very easy to use to build my packages, and it works for all OS's that I care about.  I'm very happy with how Copr worked for sharing Nebraska's Slurm-Plugins.

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