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Had a decent flight into CERN. Aaron D. picked Brian and I up at the airport. The Hostel opens at 9:00, so we ate some breakfast in the cafeteria before we checked into our hostel.

After checking in, I took a quick shower and started to fight the jet lag.

We met Liz in the Hostel parking lot. She gave us a ride to Ian's house where we had brunch. Brunch consisted of grilled chicken, potatoes, and various other french food (cheese, bread, ...). The view from Ian's house of the Swiss Alps:

We stayed at Ian's until just past 3:00. After coming back, we met with a few other people from Fermilab at the patio across the street from the Hostel. View of Swiss Alps from patio:

After talking for a while, I couldn't stand it and went back to the hostel room and took a quick nap.

After the nap, I met Brian and a few other people from FNAL and Ken Bloom (UNL Physicist) to walk to dinner. We walked towards Geneva to a pizza place named Pizza D Oro. I had a normal'ish pizza. It was a thin crust beef pizza. But, the beef was just sliced beef like if you cut a steak horizontally.

After dinner, Brian and I just crashed.



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