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Summer School Pictures

less than 1 minute read

I’m putting pictures from the summer school on my Google Plus.

Day 1 of OSG Summer School

less than 1 minute read

I was asked to teach at the OSG Summer School.  I think teaching the next generation of OSG users is a great opportunity.  This is how I learned about the OS...

Installing and Configuring glusterfs on EL6

2 minute read

I’m always interested in the newest technologies.  With the purchase of Gluster by RedHat, I figured it was time to give it a try.  We are always looking for...

Installing your own gratia webpage

1 minute read

In the OSG, we use a technology called Gratia for our accounting.  Every single job and data transfer on the OSG is accounted for in the database.  Of course...

In NY for CHEP

less than 1 minute read

Hanging out in Times Square I’m in New York this week for CHEP 2012.  I’ll be writing about my experiences here.  Stay Tuned.