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In my previous post, I introduced my OSG Chrome App.  In this post, I want to introduce one feature of the chrome app, Embedding profiles.

Part of my morning routine is checking multiple websites for the status of the resources at Nebraska.  For example, I check our dashboard page that I've written about before.  And I check the HCC GlideinWMS status page.

The HCC GlideinWMS status page shows only the monitoring information.  In order to see any accounting data, I have to navigate to the GratiaWeb site and filter for hcc usage.  Instead I want to view the accounting data on the same page as I am viewing GlideinWMS status.  And so I added the ability to Embed a set of graphs using the Chrome App.

Creating a HCC GlideinWMS Profile

First, I need to create a glideinwms profile for hcc.  I have 2 questions that I want answered, who is running, and where are they running.  In this case, I am playing the role of a VO Manager.  I want to see usage filtered by VO, specifically my VO, HCC.  The VO Manager role gives me 2 graphs by default, total usage per VO, and where the VO is running.  But it doesn't include what users are running in my VO.  Therefore, I want to add a new graph, the Glidein (since HCC uses GlideinWMS) per user graph, which is on gratiaweb.

To add a graph, I followed the documentation to add the Glidein per user graph.  I copied and pasted the graph URL into the box, and it added the graph to my list.
HCC Usage with new graph.  Not much usage...

Embedding the Profile

Now that I have the profile showing the data I want to see, I want to embed this data in my webpage.  I followed the documentation again, for sharing the graphs and embedding it.

I clicked the green share button at the top, and entered the name and description of the profile.  Then I submitted the profile for sharing.  It returned an embed link that I can use on the webpage.

Share profile showing embed URL

Once I have this embed URL, I can copy / paste that HTML into the HCC GlideinWMS page and it will show HCC data every time I visit.

HCC Usage embedded on our own website

And that's it.


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