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Over the last 2 days, HCC has been running a workshop on:

  1. Building an HTC Cluster
  2. Running on a HTC Cluster

Building an HTC Cluster

This part of the workshop was very successful.  We where able to help small universities across Nebraska build their very own HTC cluster.  We went through the installation of Cobbler, Puppet, and Condor.

Building an HTC Cluster

Running on a HTC Cluster

Documentation  - Largely borrowed from the 2012 OSG Summer School

We had many more people for the session on running on an HTC cluster.  This was another very successful day.  The users learned about HTC: how to write a Condor submit file, how to manage workflows, and how to transfer data.  We wanted to focus more on the application and general concepts of HTC (the 'theory') rather than the actual technologies.  This is why we choose to talk about portability of an application (R), and data transfer using HTTP.

As always, the conversations between the exercises are the most productive.  The user's picking the brains of the experts tends to lead to future collaboration.

HCC OSG Workshop

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