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Yesterday, I taught the class storage on the OSG.  Since I was teaching, I was unable to write or take any pictures.

Today focuses on actual science on the OSG.  First, how actual science runs on the OSG with Greg Thain.
Greg teaching rules of thumb on the OSG

This afternoon was focused on success stories of running on the OSG.  For example, Edgar Spalding talk on his botany workflow that run successfully not only at Wisconsin, but ran on the OSG as well.

Edgar talking about plant genetics
Today is the last day of the summer school, and we are all feeling very exhausted.  It was a very successful summer school.  Many students learned how their science can be done with HTC.  I am starting to see students think in terms of HTC, such as how they can split their jobs into manageable sizes, what input data would be required?  What output?

Tonight is the final dinner, and then we are done.  I will be driving back to Fermilab, then I will be back in Lincoln next week.

Again, pictures from the summer school can be found here.

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