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Nebraska/OSG USB keys to be distributed at OSG-AHM 2012
Since we have started using RPM's for osg software, I've been interested if it where possible to make a LiveUSB of the client.  Due to the great documentation provided on the Scientific Linux LiveCD page, along with the CentOS LiveCD page, I've created a OSG Client LiveUSB that will be put on the keys.

Desktop of OSG Client Live CD
From the picture, notice links on the desktop to OSG User Docs, OSG LiveCD Docs, and How to get a certificate.

Live image creation
The live image creation was done using the livecd-tools package.  I used a Fedora 16 instance on the HCC private cloud to make SL6 images.  The kickstart file used can be found on github.

What's Installed
The goal of the LiveUSB is to give an easily deliverable demo of the OSG-Client, therefore only the OSG-Client and Condor are installed.  The LiveUSB has some persistant data storage area, but not much.

Tools are installed in order to install the live image, including the OSG-Client components, to the local hard drive.  Researchers can then easily have a node up and running.

Also, people that know how to run virtual machines on their computers can easily create a virtual machine with the OSG-Client from this USB.  Just boot from the USB, and click on the Install to Hard Drive icon on the desktop.

These keys will be distributed to attendees of the OSG All Hands meeting.

I am open for suggestions on what should be on the LiveUSB.  The image is not final yet.

Link to Current ISO: OSG-SL6.2-x86_64-LiveUSB.iso



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